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Pankhurst Contracting, situated in Larkfield, has a rich and extensive history. Renowned for our exceptional construction site hoardings, we’ve set ourselves apart by going further to ensure superior hoarding installations, and have the same philosophy when providing commercial fencing services. If you require any of the services detailed across our website, such as advertising hoarding boards installed on a Chelsea site, we’re here to meet your needs.

Hoarding companies play a crucial role in enhancing security and safety at busy sites. Below, we provide a brief overview of construction site hoardings, for those interested in learning more. Looking for any kind of clarification, or seeking a complimentary estimate from our hoarding company in Chelsea? Reach out to Pankhurst Contracting.

Safety & Advertising Hoarding Boards

Health & Safety at Work Act (1974) mandates that companies and trades prioritise public protection around construction sites. Additionally, certain regulations make it necessary for hoardings to clearly delineate authorised access, limited solely to staff members. Regardless of your Chelsea project's scope, hoarding companies must always adhere to these regulations.

Understanding Hoardings – Construction site hoarding can be implemented via a number of methods, including embedding it into posts, utilising freestanding structures or attaching it to scaffolds. The actual main process involved in hoarding installation establishes a secure barrier that often exceeds two meters in height. Nevertheless, these structures are temporary and promptly dismantled upon project completion.

The Importance of Hoarding – Similar to commercial fencing in many important ways, construction site hoarding effectively deters trespassers and criminals. It not only ensures security but also conceals the site, providing contractors with a peaceful work environment. Advertising hoarding boards play a vital additional part in this context. Nowadays, companies may choose to promote their own activity, lease the space, or provide info on upcoming available properties; the latter being something we’ve all seen on new build developments in and around Chelsea.

As a hoarding company, we at Pankhurst Contracting Ltd have a responsibility to assist construction firms in Chelsea with their tasks, promoting efficiency and minimising disruptions. Our construction site hoardings achieve precisely that objective.

Considerations for Hoarding – When it comes to construction site hoarding and Dibond hoardings, just as it is with commercial fencing, it is imperative for it to withstand strong winds while discouraging opportunists and other potential intruders. The hoarding must also remain resilient in Chelsea's often extreme seasonal conditions, accounting for wind loading to ensure stability. Additional labelling and signs, CCTV installations, and other factors present can exert additional weight on the hoarding installation or lead to imbalances. This is part of the reason for hoarding companies meticulously contemplating designs to deliver an unrivalled standard of protection.

Modernising Advertising Hoarding Boards – While commercial fencing safeguards your property, hoarding installation offers the added advantage of advertising space. Advertisement placed on hoarding boards can leave a lasting impression, particularly in busy areas like Chelsea with significant pedestrian traffic. Perhaps you want to push something your business is currently launching, or you’d rather get creative with decoration from local artists – the choice is yours.

Our team specialises in a range of services, including construction site hoarding installation, Dibond hoardings, gate and door fittings, partition screens, welfare installations, and more.

If you seek advertising hoarding boards in Chelsea, contact us at 01732 526 370 for hoarding installation, commercial fencing, and related solutions.