Advertising Hoarding Boards in Wandsworth | How Hoarding Companies Produce Designs People Love

Great for hiding unsightly construction sites, advertising hoarding boards increase brand awareness and improve safety at the same time. Designed to reach as many people as possible, construction site hoarding installations must also deliver the right aesthetic without compromising on the client’s vision or the message itself. As hoarding companies around Wandsworth will attest, installations must also comply with HSE legislations. So, whether you need commercial fencing or the management of advertising hoarding boards, Pankhurst Contracting Ltd is here to help.

On this page, we look at ways to make the right advert that attracts the right clientele for your business.

Pick the Right Imagery

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and this adage applies to construction site hoarding installations. Because of their large size and extensive width, hoardings offer a creative way to display your brand or company message in a way that people in Wandsworth or the nearby areas will love. Imagery can often be more impactful than words, making it clear what you stand for without the use of a catchphrase.

Go for Bold Colours

Wandsworth is often very busy, with many pedestrians lost in conversation or their mobile devices. To counter this, commercial fencing and hoarding companies may advise on a bright and bold colour scheme that attracts the eye. Making your advertising hoarding boards larger than life will help you stand out, maximising the advert’s impact. Vibrant reds, cold blues, vibrant greens and standout yellows are ideal, but you could still apply brand-specific colours for a similar effect.

Don’t Try Anything Too Risky

Being edgy may get you attention, but in this digital age, the wrong design for your hoarding installation could negatively affect your business. People around Wandsworth will be quick to point out anything that’s potentially offensive on your construction site hoarding, causing more problems than they’re worth. A play on words should prove clever yet inoffensive, and the imagery you choose should build a memorable picture or story that viewers can associate with your business.

Remember Health and Safety

Hoarding companies know that all advertising hoarding boards must comply with HSE legislation and will work accordingly, but it’s smart to know what to expect. Most importantly, construction site hoarding installations and commercial fencing must prevent access to unauthorised personnel. Hoarding should also shield the worksite and make it very clear who can, and who can’t, gain access to your Wandsworth site.

Speak With a Creative Printing Company

Professional printers tend to double as designers, so they often know more about eye-catching designs than you expect. They might even have a history of working with hoarding companies in your particular region. A reliable printer may be able to suggest a particular design for your business, whether you’re just starting out or part of an established firm planning to grow within Wandsworth and the London area.

Contact Pankhurst Contracting Ltd

Trading since 1994, our hoarding installation company specialises in commercial fencing and construction site hoardings. We manage every aspect of the hoarding process, working with a reliable printing firm to create advertising hoarding boards that help clients to grow their customer base. We know that a secure site is a safe site, and erect hoardings with an SSSTS or SMSTS-qualified supervisor present. This ensures the highest quality standards, with all hoarding installations, gates and doors provided by trusted hands.

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