Hoarding Installation in Newham | The Benefits of Construction Site Hoarding

Placed around bustling developments, construction site hoardings keep members of the public and workmen safe from harm. The boards can also come printed to deliver an eye-pleasing graphic that shows off what the build will look like. Hoarding installation remains vital for health and safety, and gives you a chance to spread the word about your company across Newham and the surrounding areas.

From advertising hoarding boards to commercial fencing and other associated works, Pankhurst Contracting Ltd undertakes the services you need. This makes us one of the Newham area’s favourite hoarding companies – as we continue to work with the UK’s most prestigious construction firms.

Hoarding Installation | Ideal for Security, Safety and Marketing

Below, we cover just a few of the main benefits you can expect with construction site hoardings. Should you need hoarding installation or wish to learn more about advertising hoarding boards, speak with our team today.

A Safety-First Approach – Building sites are often hazardous places, especially for members of the public who might wander on without safety gear. These dangers may include moving vehicles, uneven surfaces and falling materials. Construction site hoardings keep trespassers out, with a visible barrier that prohibits access. All hoarding companies should take your safety seriously. At Pankhurst Contracting Ltd, we can provide anything from diversion routes to fire-rated protection screens for your site in the Newham area.

A Secured Project – Studies show that petty theft at construction sites is on the rise. Much like commercial fencing, hoarding installation works to prevent this. Correctly implemented hoardings will serve as deterrents, making it hard for a thief to climb. Our team can also install gates and doors, complete with Digi locks that provide an extra layer of security to Newham building sites.

Construction site hoardings will also reduce interest in theft, largely because of the tall barrier that hides expensive equipment and tools from view. This means hoarding companies can actively help to protect your investment.

Marketing and Engagement – With advertising hoarding boards, you can include full-colour designs that promote your logo and contact details, show a wrap of how the building will look, or drum up interest in the location. This is why many see hoarding installations without a relevant graphic as something of a missed opportunity.

With so many people travelling through Newham on a daily basis, you can’t afford not to include advertising hoarding boards as part of your project. Good hoarding companies like ours will be happy to help you with this creative process.

It Keeps the Site Hidden – Much like featheredge commercial fencing, construction site hoarding adds to the mystique. This means you won’t have to worry about prying eyes viewing a half-finished project. Why not also include advertising hoarding boards as part of your marketing strategy? With so many benefits and no downsides, hoarding installation continues to be vital for construction sites across Newham and the surrounding areas.

First among hoarding companies in the local region, Pankhurst Contracting Ltd assists with projects all over the UK. Simply get in touch with your needs.

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