Advertising Hoarding Boards in Lambeth | An Introduction to Hoarding Installation

Based in Larkfield, Pankhurst Contracting Ltd has a storied history dating back many years. Our reputation for construction site hoardings remains second-to-none because we always go that extra mile to ensure hoarding installations and commercial fencing meet a superior standard. Whether you need emergency hoardings in Lambeth or would like to include advertising hoarding boards at a site in the London area, we perform the ideal services for your needs at a competitive rate.

Hoarding companies help to make busy sites more secure and significantly safer. Below, we offer a brief look at construction site hoardings. If you have questions or would like a free estimate in the Lambeth area, please contact Pankhurst Contracting Ltd.

From a Safety-First Approach to Advertising Hoarding Boards

The Health and Safety at Work Act of 1974 demands that all employers work to protect the public around a building site. Additionally, CDM regulations require hoardings make it very clear who may access the site, giving access to approved staff members only. Hoarding companies should always comply with these regulations, no matter the scale of your Lambeth project.

What Are Hoardings?

Construction site hoarding comes either dug into posts, freestanding with ballast boxes, fixed to scaffolds or bolted down with capture feet. The hoarding installation process creates a highly secure barrier around the site and often stands over two metres high. These are only temporary, however, and will quickly come down upon completion of the project.

Why Is Hoarding Important?

Much like commercial fencing, construction site hoarding helps to keep intruders at bay. Not only is it there for safety and security, but it also keeps the site out of view so the contractors can work in peace. This is where advertising hoarding boards come into play. In modern times, companies may choose to advertise their services, sell the space to other firms or provide information about the upcoming property.

Hoarding companies like ours have a duty to help construction firms in the Lambeth area to do their jobs effectively and with minimal fuss. Construction site hoardings from Pankhurst Contracting Ltd do exactly that.

Hoarding – Some Considerations

You want your commercial fencing to stand against high winds while deterring potential intruders. Construction site hoarding should function in much the same way. It will need to remain strong in Lambeth’s ever-changing conditions, with wind loading for the proper stability. Additional signage, CCTV and other loads can place extra pressure on the hoarding installation or create an imbalance.

This is why hoarding companies like Pankhurst Contracting Ltd must carefully consider designs and calculations to ensure high-quality protection.

Modern Advertising Hoarding Boards

While commercial fencing protects your premises, hoarding installation delivers the extra benefit of promotional space. Advertising hoarding boards can prove highly memorable, especially in busy places like Lambeth with large amounts of foot traffic. You can promote your business, wrap the space in conceptual art or generate more interest in the great work you do.

Our team takes on everything from construction site hoarding installation to the fitting of gates and doors, partition screens, welfare facilities and more.

Are you looking for cost-effective advertising hoarding boards in the Lambeth area? Call 01732 526370 for hoarding installation, commercial fencing and associated works.