The Importance of Construction Site Hoarding and Commercial Fencing in Greenwich

Construction site hoarding shouldn’t just look great. It must also comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, as well as the Construction Design and Management Regulations. These demand a safety-first approach that protects the public, and hoarding signs to indicate who can access the boarded up area. If you have a project in Greenwich or the nearby London areas, you can ensure your full compliance by speaking with one of the more trusted hoarding companies. With commercial fencing, hoarding installation and advertising hoarding boards, you make it very clear who can and can’t find their way into the worksite.

It Prevents Unauthorised Access

As you might expect, the first point is one of the most important. All commercial fencing and construction site hoarding should prove hard to climb, without footholds or gaps that intruders could make us of. You could also have fans installed at the top of the hoarding, which helps to defend against thrown objects in the Greenwich area – boosting the effectiveness of your advertising hoarding boards.

Protection Against Falling Objects

While most construction companies understand health and safety regulations, accidents can and often do happen. Hoarding companies like Pankhurst Contracting Ltd know that any dropped bucket or debris could fall at any time, and can provide hoarding installations that keep the public safe. Without construction site hoarding, items could land on a passer-by, resulting in serious injury that lands the construction company in hot water.

The Last Word in Security

Commercial fencing in Greenwich takes many forms, including chain links, palisades and temporary heras. Not only do these keep intruders off your site, but they also discourage potential thieves from even trying. After all, studies show that burglars tend to be opportunistic – avoiding a challenge that would likely get them arrested.

Aside from hoarding installation and the management of advertising hoarding boards, we at Pankhurst Contracting Ltd install commercial fencing for clients all over Greenwich and the surrounding areas.

A Defence Against the Weather

Construction site hoarding companies must account for any bad weather that may roll in. Anything but the best of care given to the hoarding installation process could cause a problem in high winds, compromising safety as a result. Considering wind load, we can install the proper bracing so that your advertising hoarding boards remain upright for as long as you need them to. This will also please any company that’s purchased advertising space on your board, whether it’s in Greenwich or the nearby spaces of London.

It Gives You the Privacy You Need

No one does their best work under the constant gaze of the general public. As one of the area’s first-class hoarding companies, we at Pankhurst Contracting Ltd understand this better than most. Our team performs hoarding installation work that enables construction firms around Greenwich to push quality forwards, while allowing advertising hoarding boards to get the word out as intended.

Of course, commercial fencing serves as a clear barrier that helps staff to feel more secure in the workplace, and it also protects your most prized equipment.

Skilled in construction site hoarding, we offer to manage the entire installation process for increased safety and security levels. We also carry out a range of associated works, applying our skills to partitions, fire-rated screens, temporary waterproofing, public eating areas and much more besides.

Whether you need commercial fencing in Greenwich or construction site hoarding in the nearby areas, call the hoarding professionals on 01732 526370.